VR Gallery

Thirty 3D drawings created during the X-mas VRnissage project, an experiment with virtual reality drawing. 

While creating, our focus was not as much on the artistic value of the outcome. We aimed rather at giving people a taste of virtual reality through play and discovery. For most, this was the very first experience with VR.

How to view the gallery?

You can view thirty selected works with a smartphone and one of our mobile apps below. All of the almost seventy drawings can be seen online in the beautiful Collections.

A friendly warning: Like the whole project, also these simple apps have an experimental and demo nature. Please, excuse kindly possible bugs and the slightly rough user experience. 

VRnissage Gallery

illustration VR Galerie app.PNG

A virtual gallery for Google Cardboard showcasing thirty selected works from VRnissage. Works also without VR goggles but it ain’t the real thing.

badge_android2x  badge_ios2x

Requires a smartphone with iOS 8 (iPhone) or Android 4.1 or higher.

Holohled (Holoscope)

Holohled aplikace

Let the virtual drawings appear magically right in the palm of your hand via augmented reality. You will also need a printed magic card for download here.

badge_android2x    (iOS version coming soon)

Requires a smartphone with iOS 8 (iPhone) or Android 4.1 or higher.