About the project

Though it might not look like it yet, virtual reality is going to enter our work and lives soon. And promises to cause no smaller revolution than the invention of the telephone or the internet. 

An important part of our work is to understand trends of the digital transformation of the world like this one. To see around the corner, perceive the opportunities and threats coming. This way we can guide our clients in such fast changing times of exponential technological progress, to help them find direction, adapt and prosper in them. That’s the mission of Etnetera Group.



To play and experiment

There’s no better way to learn than playing and trying things out. VRnissage was created exactly with that in mind – we invited over eighty people from the companies in Etnetera Group and around into our experimental virtual reality atelier and let them create freely, giving them only the X-mas theme. The result is almost hundred 3D drawings a selection of which you can see in the virtual gallery. What didn’t fit there can be found in collections.

Creating a virtual exhibition was not the main objective of the project, though. Actually, most of the people were not artists. What we aimed for was to try something, learn something and give the creators a taste of what is virtual reality about. And some food for thought what it will be about. VR drawing is a simple yet beautiful and strong experience, perfect for introducing people to virtual reality. And the experience was what mattered most.

VR drawing videos

In order to show people, what we were doing we tried another new thing – mixed reality videos. Here’s the result – short VR drawing videos.

Tech behind VRnissage

Drawing: HTC Vive VR headset with two controllers and room-scale VR

Mixed reality videos: Third HTC Vive controller (to sync spatially the virtual and real cameras), OBS Studio, 2xGoPro Hero 4, green screen, 2 studio lights


The VRnissage project and the VR atelier were born thanks to the generosity and enthusiasts from Pixman, Activate, Etnetera, and Motion, with a support from the rest of the Etnetera Group.


We’d love to hear any comments or questions: vratelier@etneteragroup.com